Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bark Gecko/(Hemidactylus leschenaultii)

Comparatively large gecko from dry zone. It inhabits large trees (specially [Terminalia arjuna], rock outcrops and sometime even houses. It is diurnal in habit but mostly active during dawn and dusk.  Its main prey consist of insects though there are records of this gecko feeds on large animals like other geckos, skinks, snakes (Ruchira somaweera reported a instance where it was preying on a wolf snake (Lycodon striatus) – gecko (2) 2004 ) and mouse (from India).


  1. I am surprised to hear that it had taken a Wolf Snake as prey! That must have been a great photo moment.

  2. Hi Amila
    It was a juvenile wolf snake of about 139mm length according to the description in relevant paper. Full paper is available on line and you can read it from this location - Unfortunately Ruchira also missed that rare photo opportunity since gecko dropped the snake while he was trying to photograph it:(

  3. Kumbuk trees are abundant here in Kurunegala,do you think I'll be able to see one of these on one of them?

  4. Amila K.
    Its known distribution areas are mainly dry zone and some parts of the intermediate and semi-arid zones (Lizards of Sri Lanka - Somaweera 2009)I have photographed above near Thabbowa tank of Puththalama district. Kuranagala happen to be a city in Intermediate zone and there are chances of living it in there as well. If you meant by district itself by Kurunagala it should be found in several areas especially much drier northern areas of the district.