Thursday, January 13, 2011

වනරාජ [Wanaraja] (Anoectochilus regalis[Anoectochilus setaceus])

An endemic terrestrial orchid species grows in shade of trees among leaf litter in the tropical wet evergreen forests and subtropical montane forests (From 305m to1829m altitude). Flowering in January, May to September and December. Wanaraja is used for treating snake-bite poisoning in traditional Sinhalese medicine. It has been collecting extensively and illegally for medicinal as well as ornamental purposes. Therefore this orchid species has become rare in most places where it was abundantly occurred previously.    


  1. Nice one, Bushana. You are right, this species has become rarer now.

  2. Thanks Amila K and Amila S. :)
    Yes unfortunately it is true. It was not uncommon some time back in buffer zone villages of Peak wilderness sanctuary such as Udamaliboda, Erathna...etc. But currently it is not so. Above picture was taken at Morning side of Sinharaja.