Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Orange Tip (Coltis etrida limbata)

Rather rare butterfly inhabits coastal areas of north of Chilaw and Tangalla to Hambantota of extreme south. However sometimes it occurs further inland in north. Those from southern areas are larger, darker and very richly colored. Larva feeds on Cadaba fruticosa plants of family Capparaceae. W. Ormiston noted of a specimen taken at cart road at Haldummulla, at least 50 miles from its usual haunts and he believed that it had pupated on a Hambantota salt cart and hatched out on the way to Haputhale. Similarly he doubted of specimens of etrida race might brought over from India on the native boats because in Mannar district specimens that are very close to typical etrida  may be taken in company with typical limbata.


  1. Probably this kind of rare creatures are unique to Sri Lanka.

  2. Dulantha

    Yep it is bit rare and considered as a near threatened butterfly but it is not unique (or endemic) to the Sri Lanka. You can have the checklist of butterflies of Sri Lanka and endemic species by visiting the page 'Butterfly Diversity of Sri Lanka' shown above.