Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus)

A very common butterfly found all over the island in all the year round while commonest in the dry areas of the country. Its female occurs in two forms; one similar to the male and other with nearly all orange wings with dark margin and few discal spots only on the hind wings. Both forms of female are mimicked by the Danaid Eggfly. Larva feeds on many species of Asclepiadaceae such as කන් කුඹල [Kankumbala] (Asclepias curassavica & Cynanchum tunicatum), එළවරා [Elawara] (Calotropis gigantea), Tylophora spp. Marsdenia spp and Wissani/Meda-Hangu(Pergularia daemia)

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