Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plain prinia (Prinia inornata insularis)

A resident bird locally common in paddy fields, scrub and marsh lands from lowland to lower hills while commoner in the dry zone. Its food mainly consists of insects and spends its time mostly on hopping actively among grass stems solitarily or as pairs in search of them. It breeds probably throughout the year and nest a deep cup of grasses place in grass-tussock or low bush often few feets above the ground (or water since usually it is situated in a swamp). 


  1. The plain Prinia is very alert and not easy to photograph. Nice shot!

  2. Thanks Friend of HK.
    Anyway if you are at the right place at right time it is not that much difficult task. Above one was photographed at Bellanwila-Attidiya sanctuary and it is one of the best place to watch plain prinia probably any time of the day.