Monday, May 11, 2015

Black-headed Cuckooshrike/කලු-හිස් කොවුල්සැරටිත්තා/කලු-හිසැති කොවුල් ඇස්පටියා[Kalu-his Kowulsaratiththa/Kalu-Hisathi Kowul Aspatiya](Coracina melanoptera sykesi)

An uncommon breeding resident inhabiting open forests and scrub lands with scattered trees from lowlands to mid hills. It lives usually as solitary birds or as pairs though sometime encounters as small flocks. It feeds on caterpillars, moths, grasshoppers. etc. actively searching trees in the canopy. The breeding season lasts from March to May The nest is a small shallow saucer  composed of rootlets, leaf midribs etc. plastered with cobwebs and placed on a fork of a tree, where it lays 2 eggs. 

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