Thursday, May 14, 2015

Common Lascar (Pantoporia hordonia sinuata)

Locally common butterfly flies in wet and intermediate zone from lowlands to about 1400 m elevations. It has a slow flight which somewhat resemble to the flight of a dragonfly which too has similar colors (i.e. Variegated Flutterer). Larva feeds on leaves of Acacia caesia(හිඟුරු-වැල්and Acacia pennata (ගොඩ හිඟුරු)*. As per Ormiston^ it is especially common in May and June.

Jayasinghe H.D., Rajapaksha S.S. & de Alwis C. 2014 A Compilation and Analysis of food plants utilization of Sri Lankan butterfly larva (Papilionoidea) TaprobanicaVol 6(2) 110-131pp.
Ormiston  W. (1924) The Butterflies of Ceylon, H.W.Cave & Co., Colombo 1924, AES Reprint New Delhi, 2003

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