Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Cormorant/ Punchi Diyakawa (Phalacrocorax niger)

Little Cormorant is very common resident bird in water bodies of low country. Large flocks can be seen in dry zone and occasional visitors in the hills. It is a good swimmer as well as a diver and while fishing it can stay underwater for a while and re-emerged some distance from where it dives. Usually it sits for long period on a dead tree, half sub-merged rock or river bank with its wings spread to dry them up.  It breeds during North-East monsoons starting from October to April in colonies on trees standing in water in tanks, often with many other water birds such as Indian cormorants, night herons, pond herons, egrets, storks, etc.


  1. How do you differentiate Indian,Greater and Little cormorants?

  2. Amila
    Once you get familiar with these three in field it is not much difficult to distinguish them by size 'Great' is the largest and 'Indian' in between 'Great' and 'Little'. Other than size Great has some white area in cheek and throat with yellow facial skin behind the bill. 'Indian' has long thin bill comparatively to short bill of 'little' and scaly effect of the plumage. I might update this blog with pictures of other two soon with more detail description:)

  3. Thanks buddy,I had the same trouble with little and intermediate Egrets but now I think I can yell them appart