Sunday, March 13, 2011

පුත්තලම් බූරුවා[Puttalam Booruwa]/Puttalam ass (Equus asinus)

Feral donkeys found in both Mannar Island and Kalpitiya peninsula of Sri Lanka are believed to be decedents of domestic breeds imported during either colonial time or even earlier by Arab traders. (Manual of the Mammals of Sri Lanka - Phillips 1984) They are usually light grey color animals though  blacks and browns are also known.  According to the Santiapillai (Sri Lanka Nature 2000) species in Sri Lanka is Equus afcricanus with close affinities with the wild Nubian sub species.


  1. Hi Bushana,Since they were introduced,what kind of impact have they caused on these particular habitats? Are they considered an invasive species?

  2. Amila

    As far as I am aware there is not any major impact on the habitat where it has been living. It is not considered as a invasive species. Actually it is said that their population is declining ( due to lack of food, domestication and perhaps killing for food too. Also I don't think that there is any threat to other wild life in any of above two areas due to this animal since not any other big herbivorous mammals found in there except another introduced species (wild horses).

  3. Hi,Thanks for the prompt answer,buddy!