Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Large Oak Blue (Arhopala amantes amantes)

Rather rare butterfly found in and around forest areas from lowlands to foothills, especially close to water courses.  When resting It often settles on the under side of leaves and males sometimes comes to damp earth to absorb minerals.  Larva feeds on කොට්ටම්බා/කොට්ටන්/Indian almond/Country almons (Terminalia catappa)දං/හීන් දං (Syzygium caryophyllatum), and කුඹුක් (Terminalia arjuna) leaves.


  1. the upper side of the wings would have shown an entirely different butterfly !

  2. @Patali - yes it has bright metallic blue upper wings bordered by dark brownish line which is narrow of male and broader of female.
    @K. - Thanks :)