Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rhino horn Lizard (Ceratophora stoddartti)

An endemic lizard of Sri Lanka inhabiting central hills from 1500-2200 m a.s.l. It can be found in home gardens, natural forest areas and cultivations in Nuwaraeliya, Horton plains, peak wilderness, Hakgala, Namunukula etc. Namunukula population is restricted to very limited area and geographically isolated from central hills. It feeds on insects, caterpillars and also earth worms when foraging on ground. It is usually found in tree trunks though not uncommon in terrestrial habitats too.  It can change its color from green to brown in a considerable rapidity when descending from tree trunk to the ground (Lizards of Sri Lanka - Ruchira Somaweera 2009)


  1. where did you capture this creature ?
    and what is the horn for ? my guess is to dig out the earth worms :D

  2. This particular one was captured somewhere in Kirigalpoththa trail of Horton plains.
    Exact use of its 'horn' or Rostral appendage is still unknown. However I think that they are not smart enough to utilized it to dig out earth worms;)