Sunday, September 23, 2012

Common hourglass tree frog (Polypedates cruciger)

An arboreal frog of about 60mm snout to vent length of male and 90 of female. Endemic to Sri Lanka and distributed in both wet and dry zone up to about 1525m a.s.l though not much common in dry zone. It is much common around anthropogenic habitats and usually it is encountered inside bathrooms, overhead water tanks, banana groves and other such vegetation.


  1. Here I am again! Fascinating photo! I like to know the make of your camera.I am hoping to buy one but don't know what to select. I want to take photos of birds and other wild life.I like a camera with a big zoom and one which makes photos taken in dark weather conditions(evenings,cloudy days)bright and clear. Any suggestions?

  2. I am using two SLR cameras (EOS 400D and EOS 60D) both are canon.If you are seriously interested of wildlife photography my advice is better go for a SLR camera. To photograph birds you need a tele photo lenses (at least 300mm focal length)and for other subjects varies other lenses such as macro for plants and insect, wide angle for landscapes etc. Sorry to disappoint you but amateur cameras with large zoom power have varies limitations unlike SLRs but not bad for a one who is starting photography since you don't need to know several technical stuffs to operate such a camera. To have a idea about varies cameras visit this site (