Friday, September 7, 2012

එරමුඳු/එරබඳු[Eramudu/Erabadu]/December tree/Malayan Dadap (Erythrina subumbrans)

Native tree of tropical Asia. Introduced into Sri Lanka in 1852 from Java for shade and green manure in tea and cocoa estates. Flowering from June to January. Bright red flowers attract varies hill country birds such as  whiteeyes, bulbuls, sunbirds etc.


  1. is this the same one that related to New year. I saw similar one in Vietnam . Just searched for more information.

    1. Bindi
      No as already mentioned above this is an introduced tree. The Erabadhu tree related with Sinhala New year is Erythrina variegata which flowering from March to April. I don't have a picture of that Erabadhu flower with me and will add a post with more details once I will be able to find a one.

  2. There is a possibility of occurring both species in Vietnam since both are widespread in tropical countries