Thursday, September 27, 2012

කුරුළුගොයා[Kurulugoya]/Shikra (Accipiter badius badius)

Common breeding resident throughout the island. It avoids dense forests and can be found in open areas, plantations, village gardens and even in towns with some trees. Shikra preys mainly on small birds and lizards. It usually perches high in a tree watching for a prey and flies down to catch it with talons. It breeds from March to May and probably again in August to September and build a nest with twigs and grasses place among foliage high in a big tree.


  1. Watching birds and butterflies is a favourite past time of mine.Though I see them I don't know their names and your blog fills that gap. Thank you very much for being generous to educate others with what you know.

  2. Blue Lotus
    Happy to hear that my blog is useful for you to identify those birds and butterflies you see . Also thank you very much for your encouraging comment which appreciated my work.

  3. Thanks, Good blog