Tuesday, September 25, 2012

එඬරු/තෙල් එඬරු/බෙහෙත් එඬරු[Endaru[Erandu]/Tel-Erandu/Beheth-Erandu]/Castor Bean (Ricinus communis)

Annual or perennial herb probably of East African origin, now widely cultivated and also naturalized in village gardens, secondary forests, scrub lands etc.  Seeds use for production of castor oil and whole plant is medicinal.


  1. Clear photo.It has retained the natural colour of the leaves.Clear contrast between the stem and the leaves. Are u a professional photographer?

  2. Blue Lotus
    Thanks for the comment.
    Am I a professional photographer?. :)
    well..I am using professional SLR cameras to photograph these stuffs but not a professional photographer in the sense that who earn money from photography. Hope I have answered your question:)

  3. I wanted to know whether u are a professional photographer because it seems that you spend a considerable time to take photos. Does your job allow you enough time to do this? Surely you can't find all these birds,butterflies and plants around your house!

  4. Ofcourse yes.. most of those fauna and flora were not photographed in my backyard:)
    Yes my job allow me at least all weekends to spend in remote forested areas though I utilize only some of them and these are the results of not one or two years but several. If you know right place and correct time of the year/day to catch certain animal or animal group it is not much difficult of finding out many of these. Also as it is in all other fields once you spend more on studying your subject and be in the filed you would get better results.